Looking for something new and fun to do with the kids? Construction is nearing completion on the new 'Via Aquarium' in Schenectady.

According to a report by News 10, Aquarium Director David Gross is hoping the new aquarium will open in late September. It was originally set to open in June, but construction delays have pushed that back.

The aquarium is being built in the old Rotterdam Mall, and according to Gross will include the following:

  • 37 exhibits
  • Approx 50,000 gallons of salt water
  • 25,000 gallons fresh water
  • 250 different species
  • 2,500 different creatures

This is going to be great to have in the area! When I lived in the Boston are one of my favorite things to do was to visit the Boston Aquarium. It's great for kids, and interesting for the adults too! And hey, with 'Finding Dory' now out the timing could not be better, right? You can visit Vi Aquarium on Facebook here.

Check out the full News 10 story: