If you do not believe true love exists, you need to read on about Thomas and Dorothy Ryan of Troy.

The Times Union ran a story about the couple this week, and it is amazing. Thomas and Dorothy were married 68 years and passed away 30 hours apart last weekend.

Of course this may remind you of the end of the movie 'The Notebook.' I always joke around with my wife Stacy when we watch it, telling her stories and endings like that only exist in the movies. I'm glad Thomas and Dorothy proved me wrong. 68 years together on this planet, and now their love continues. We can all be cynical when it comes to love and relationships, but stories like this reassure us that true love does exist. Not in Hollywood, but right here in real life in the Capital Region. Next time I watch 'The Notebook' with my wife, I will just smile and enjoy.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Ryan family during this difficult time. I hope they find some comfort in knowing Thomas and Dorothy are on their next journey together.