This is one of those videos that I think most people wouldn't think to watch. I saw it this morning and to be honest, I'm still amazed, not only by the technology and work that went into it today, but also its ramifications for the future.

The video is of these helicopter things called, "Quadrotors" playing the  "James Bond Theme". The important thing to realize is that these helicopters, using different tools were not being operated by humans. They were controlled completely by a computer and all working together, in sync.

I can not even begin to tell you all of the things that the future could bring with this sort of robotics.  I can think of the simple use of helping with household chores, to automated traffic systems to even  more complex uses in connection with nanotechnology to cure cancer. You make think I'm talking crazy but you also have to remember where the telephone and computers started, and where they are now.

Enough of me yacking about it, I'll let you take a look and see if you too can see what is amazing about this demonstration. The video comes from the University of Pennsylvania and the engineers that worked on the program have started a company called KMel Robotics. Enjoy.