This week, the theaters will be invaded by a sequel and a retread. The latest installment of the American Pie series, "American Reunion", and a remake of a the classic "Titanic 3D", are the two nationally released films. First stop in this week's tour of The Trailer Park is what I secretly hope is a funny movie. Though I always worry when there are this many sequels, "American Reunion" looks pretty hilarious. All the cast returns for this installment.



Next up is James Cameron making sure he has ALL of your money with "Titanic 3D". I wasn't a huge fan of this movie the first time around, so I highly doubt it being in 3D and the stars being digitally corrected will make me watch it again. However, here's the trailer because I love you.



I, for one, am looking forward to the warmer weather and the summer blockbusters that are on their way.