Alcohol can do some funny things to a person’s thinking. If I ever had a little too much, it usually lead to me making a fool of myself.

At least whatever I supposedly did, did not end up making news. According to a story from A.P., this guy from Kentucky is being charged with DUI, stealing an ambulance and possibly some other charges. Shane Hale, who is 26 years old, needed a ride home, and stole an ambulance from a hospital. The crew was inside at the time, and when they came out, the ambulance was gone. They did leave the keys in the vehicle.

The ambulance was being driven erratically, when it was spotted by an off duty police detective. The detective pulled it over. According to City Police Sgt. Randy Napier, the detective that pulled him over, Hale told him that “he only needed a ride home and was going to call the ambulance service the next day and report where the vehicle was.” (Dude-ever think of calling a taxi?)

Morrow of the story, never leave the keys in the ignition of your vehicle. I do have to wonder if the ambulance driver that was in the hospital was charged with leaving the keys in the ignition, while the ambulance was unattended.