Two very interesting stories from the world of tech this week.  One company giving away free stuff, the other predicting what you want before you even order it!, the fine folks that brought you delivery by drone now has something new. It's called Amazon Fufillment. According to, has a way to pay attention to what you click on and how long you stay on the item.  Then they send it right to you without you ordering it, right?  -Well, not exactly.  Here's the explanation

It's still pretty amazing and "Big Brotherish", don't you think? OMG- what next?

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Free Storage Up In The Cloud From - 50 gigs of it! 

Do any of you store things in the cloud?  It really is a good way to protect your stuff (if it's a reputable company).  This is amazing. is now offering 50 gigs of storage - FREE forever! The only string that's attached is that you have to download their new IOS App for the iPhone or iPad.    Here's a summary of what you get.  It really is a good deal and it keeps all of your files accessible on all your devices.  I have it and love it.