What a great video. I had so many thoughts while watching it. Even though it is only 7 minutes long, you get to watch through this small window a year's time go by. They say it's about the baby and of course it is. Brave little Ward fought a pretty hard battle to survive his first few months of life.

I see something different. I think even if I knew that it wasn't the father who made this video I could have told you it was. I know the things he was thinking, I know the vision he was seeing through that camera lens, I like most fathers, have felt those emotions too.

I believe this dad set out to make an inspiring video about the struggles and growth of his premature son, and what he got was a video that is a tribute to a mother's love and his love and admiration for his wife.

I think I can speak for most men when I say there are always moments when you watch your wife with your baby that you are simply amazed at the connection, the patience, the focus and the intensity of a mother with her child. I think in some ways we as men will always be a little envious, and a lot in awe.

Please enjoy and share this amazing first year for little Ward and maybe take a moment to appreciate what this beautiful  video is reminding us all; there is nothing as strong, as soft, as deep, or as important as family.