I was on The Facebook one day, and someone posted one of the 3-D street paintings by a guy named Leon Keer. I was amazed. Immediately, I did what you should do and I "liked" his Facebook page.  On that page you will see some of the pictures that I will share with you in this blog and a whole lot more. I just think that at times you really do have to stop and appreciate things of beauty and wonder in this world, I hope you enjoy these works as much as I did.

From what I can tell this is one of his latest works, it is done in chalk, and it literally is painted directly on the street.

Amazing right? I also love that when he completes his works he like to pose with the painting making them look even more astounding. Here is one of him and some of his cohorts enjoying the "pool" on a hot day.

And even better than that, I suspect for him as well, is when others enjoy posing with his artwork as well.

Clearly, these paintings are best viewed from the perspective that gives you the true 3D effect and you may wonder as I did, what do they look like when you look at them from the other side? Turns out, almost just as cool! You remember the first one I showed you of the Lego Army in the earth?, well here it is looking from the "top" of the painting.

Love it. Now my big problem is I want to travel all over the world to get a real life look at these amazing pieces. Again I encourage you to check out his Facebook Page and maybe leave a comment for him. I know as an artist myself, though so very very far from his level, you just want your work to be seen, and appreciated. Getting filthy rich wouldn't hurt, but really it's about sharing your vision. I think his is amazing.