You may have come across one of the latest videos to go viral on the internet. It's called, "Amazing Jam Session - Three Random Guys Sing Together". It is really a pretty good video supposedly taken by a passerby who was enjoying the music from a street musician. As he is taping the man singing a second man comes in and begins to improvise with the first and things get really fun when a third random guy brings his own touch to the song. I actually love this third guy's style and his freestyle rap.

The question that many people have is , in this world of staged videos and pranks, is this video real? Did these 3 guys not know each other before and just randomly wound up "jamming" together in front of a Kroger's?

Well, of course I don;t know the answer to that, when I first watched it I was a but suspicious myself but after watching it a few times, I really want to believe that it is indeed spontaneous and real. I want to believe that in this country there are just that many talented people who just love music.

What do you think? Too perfect to be real? I can tell you that the original video was just posed to Facebook by the guy who filmed it, Jaime Tatos Maldonado and NOT on YouTube as you would expect them to do if it were staged and they were just looking to go viral.

Truth is doesn't matter in the long run, it;s a good video, good song and fun to watch so check it out and tell me what you think: