I guess everyone has a dark side if pushed to the limit, and Steve Carell is no exception.  Check this out!

I personally can really relate to comic actor Steve Carell.  I'm not talking about the ability to make people laugh. Are you kidding me?  Noone can even touch him in that department.


It's more of an image thing.   Many have commented to me, for example - "you're the nice one".  "How come you never get mad?"  I appreciate the compliments, don't get me wrong, but despite the outward appearance,  EVERYONE has a dark side and I'm no exception.  OK.  I may have a higher breaking point than some, but I have gone "looney tunes"  more than once in my day, trust me.

It's hard to picture Steve Carell mean and ornery as well, right?  He was hysterical on "The Office" , and his movies are equally side-plitting.    Well, Conan gave it the old college try recently  to see if he could actually get his "angry on" during a recent episode of his nightly talk show.  Here's what went down.

Maybe I defeated my own argument.   Even THAT made me die laughing!  Either he really CAN'T get mad, or he's just a bad "angry" actor.   Well, either way - keep us laughi


Well, either way - keep us laughing, Steve, and try not to ever go "Alec Baldwin" on us!