A 43-year-old man that lives outside of Chicago and kept an alligator in his home is being charged with possession of a dangerous animal.

He apparently said that he kept the four foot reptile to impress the ladies. According to a story from AP, Dewayne Yarbrough, thought it was the perfect chick magnet. Yarbrough bought the alligator five years ago and kept it in a small tank which kept it from growing into a good size ‘gator. He also gave it a steady diet of 10 live mice a month, which also helped keep the size down.

When it came time for authorities to take action, all they saw was a dangerous animal. Investigators didn’t speculate on how they found out about the animal. The alligator was taken by the Animal Welfare League and will be given to the Chicago Herpetological Society.

I can hear this guy saying “let’s go out to dinner. By the way, did I tell you I own an alligator?” I'll keep my thoughts on a rated G level, since WGNA is a family radio station. What I want to know is how many women were actually impressed by this?