It’s a law that you’re not supposed to talk on a cell phone without a hands free device or text while you’re driving, but there could be even more drastic changes coming.

A report from MSNBC says that a group of U.S. transportation safety experts are trying to ban all American drivers from using cell phones completely even with hands free devices, including Bluetooth. The only exception would be in an emergency.

Besides going to the U.S. Congress and state legislatures, the National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) is involved. Besides writing the new safety laws, they’re trying to get the manufacturers of consumer electronics to disable the functions of all portable devices while the vehicle is moving, if the driver can reach them, unless it’s an emergency. You would be allowed to use a GPS device while driving.
The idea of ban started because 3,092 people died because of distracted driving while using their cell phones in 2010.  If this bill passes, it won’t be just a state law; it will be a nationwide law. There’s no word on when this bill will actually get voted on, or what the penalties will be if you’re caught. Too many people killed and too many families have suffered the loss of loved ones.

I have a feeling there may be some people who will totally disagree with this law, but I think I’d fell a little safer while I was on the road.