Another great Capital Region mother - another opportunity to write a song. I love this job! This time it's for Alice Fisher from her daughter, Katie Murphy.This has been a fun week.  I will have written songs for 5 different mothers taken from submissions for a contest sponsored by

Devoted daughter Katesent me some great information about Alice. Apparently she is a  huge Kenny Chesney fan, for one thing ( to the point where she would leave her husband for him – not really, I'm sure, but it's fun to mention in the song)

I was also particularly floored by the fact that she has listened to this station and morning show since I started over 25 years ago.  I couldn't believe that!  How can you turn someone down who's been THAT loyal?

I couldn't come up with a good song to parody here, so I kind of made up my own tune on this one.  Lyrics are to follow


Oh her name is Alice Fisher and I'd surely like to kiss her

She's been really really good for our career
She loves country music and she'll always try to choose it
she's been listening for over 20 years
She doesn't think it's odd to spend summers in Cape Cod
and she never will consider it a danger
To talk to anyone... anywhere or any time
she'll even walk right up to random strangers
Does she like Chesney -well of cours
she would even get divorced
Kenny is the man of the hour
Oh And yes my dear Alice I will say with no malice
we're giving you a nice gift from Proflowers
Thanks for sending this in, and Happy Mother's Day from all of us at 'GNA