Local man Alexander West was indicted on 12 new charges Monday, including vehicular manslaughter. West was the driver of the boat that killed 8-year-old Charlotte McCue of California and injured her mother on Lake George.

The Warren County grand jury also indicted West on charges of boating while impaired by drugs and alcohol. West had three separate classes of drugs in his system when he surrendered to police 14 hours after the accident. West was initially charged with leaving the scene of the boat crash.

Colin Archer, Getty Images

According to police reports, West’s boat bounced up over the other boat to the other side and sped away.

Four additional passengers in West's boat will also face charges. Matthew J. Marry, 28, of Kingsbury; Kristine C. Tiger, 28, of Kingsbury; Cara Mia Canale, 27, of Albany and Morland C. Keyes, 27, of Glens Falls all face charges for hindering the investigation and giving false statements.

West will be arraigned on Wednesday morning in Warren County Court.