Capital Rep is one of our great treasures in the Albany area. The 31st season brought the Capital Region of New York some great theater with 'Black Pearl Sings' 'The Sisters of Rosenweig' and 'Superior Donuts.' The intimate downtown Albany theater is ending the season with a great comedy titled 'God Of Carnage.'

We've all been there, we've all seen it! Nice neighbors, naughty neighbors and pretentious neighbors all trying to out do each other, yet in a friendly manner. Reminiscent of a classic sitcom like 'All In The Family' or 'Three's Company'- and yet as funny and contemporary as 'Modern Family'- this is an entertaining look inside the typical American neighborhood.

More impressive, there are only four actors in the production- Ken Krugman, Michael McKenzie, Brenny Rabine, and Brigitte Viellieu-Davis. Despite the small cast, the show captures your attention and ignites quite a bit of laughter from the audience. It's an absolute riot to watch perfectly polite people turn into monsters while trying to resolve a playground altercation between their children.

'God of Carnage' is playing through May 27 at Capital Repertory Theater.  If you've seen it, please feel free to leave your thoughts and reviews in the comment section below.

Courtesy of Joy Schuyler