Years ago some people that were trying to raise the awareness of Albany sat in a room and came up with an idea to create a song about Albany.

The song was to pay tribute to the City of Albany's Tricentennial. The singers included local dignitaries, media notables from the time and even Jim Coyne. If I were Simon Cowell and judging the performance seriously, they would have all been sent home. However, it was for a great cause, and if you take a look at this I'm sure you will notice some of the people. Give it a watch, and laugh it up.

I love the Cameos from Dick Wood, Marci Elliot, Mary Lou Whitney, the Guardian Angels founders Curtis and Lisa Sliwa , former WWE Star Big John Stud, gold medal Olympic wrestler Jeff Blatnick , Bishop Howard Hubbard and many others are in here. They spell the name A-L-B-A-N-Y over and over again, and it reminds me of a off key version of the Village People's "Y-M-C-A."