It looks like the Capital Region will be represented on the next season of Survivor.

According to Law Beat, Assistant District Attorney Jessica Blain-Lewis is currently in the South Pacific competing on the show. She has been working with District Attorney David Soares for 10 years.

In a Times Union story, it is being reported she has been on a leave of absence and is in Fiji recording the 33rd season of the show. The leave of absence kind of makes this all add up, right?

Imagine Jessica will be great at this game. If you know anyone who works in a law office you know they are super bright, can think on their feet and can REALLY make an argument; all necessary skills to compete in Survivor. And can you believe they are recording the 33rd season? WOW! I know the show has been around a while, but 33 seasons is quite a run.

Good luck to Jessica - hopefully she gets to bring a Survivor win and the $1 million prize home to the Capital Region!