It’s always a sad thing to hear about something closing, especially when it affects so many people.

From an article in The Times Union, at the end of April, The Pine Hills Station branch post office, on South Allen Street in Albany, will be closing. This is part of a nationwide restructuring due to a large financial loss of The U.S. Postal Service. The customers who have their post office boxes at the Pine Hills branch can move relocate them to the Stuyvesant Plaza post office, in Guilderland, a few miles to the west.

This has made some angry customers of the branch, from the neighborhood, forcing them to either go to another branch farther away, to take a long bus ride, or drive their car a longer distance. This branch was not a facility for letter carriers, but only a retail site, with counter service. The one employee is going to be reassigned to another branch. Suggestions are being made to the customers to use the Fort Orange station on Central Avenue and Academy Station on New Scotland Avenue.

The closing of The Pine Hills branch will make this the third post office branch in Albany to shut down this year. The other two branches are the Patroon station on Broadway in North Albany and Delaware Station on Delaware Avenue.

I think that computers are a big part of the reason for the closing of many branches of The U.S. Postal Service and losing much of their revenue. Between email and being able to pay most of your bills with just the click of a mouse, without leaving your house, is very convenient. I’m guilty of it too. How do feel about the closing of the branches of the post office?