Just in time for Spring and the busy travel season, gas prices in Albany are going up.

After getting under the $2 mark recently, the average price of a gallon a gas was back over that mark in the Capital Region. The Times Union recently spoke with Gregg Laskoski from GasBuddy.com who said retail prices are on the rise. He said the rising prices can be attributed to the more expensive blend of gas used in warmer months.

I know there are economic reasons behind the spike in the warmer months. Folks are driving more, hence using more fuel. When demand goes up, so does the price. But it still ticks me off every year! Just when you want to get out more, it costs you more to get out more!

The good news is the spike should be short. According to USA Today, prices should slide right back down after the summer months.

Just in time to stay in and not go anywhere! ;)