Phineas has been at the Mohawk Humane Society for over four months. YOU can help her have a great Christmas!

It breaks my heart to see any animal without a forever home anytime of year, but maybe it is the spirit of the season that makes this story a little more heartbreaking.

Meet Phineas, a great pup who has been at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society since Aug. 24. Here is how the shelter describes her:

Phineas is a sweet, beautiful 2-year-old Australian shepherd mix. She’s a very energetic girl and that’s the reason she has been returned a couple of times. We are looking for a dog-savvy family with a job for her. She loves to be on the go and would be great as a hiking companion or a farm dog. She also needs room to run and play. She knows her manners and can sit, stay and give you her paw on command. When she’s not busy, she’s a sweet, loving gal who loves to be with people. She may also be compatible with another dog, as long as they understand her rules. She promises to make you laugh and smile every day!

I know how much joy our cats Ebony and Stirling bring all year, and they are even a part of our Christmas (We have stockings for them!). Maybe Phineas can bring the same joy to you and your family this Christmas? That would be a pretty amazing gift, and you can give this sweet girl a forever home.

To find out more about Phineas and how to adopt her, please contact the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society at 434-8128 or visit They are open this Friday and Christmas Eve. Just sayin'. :)