I never really knew there was a law about having live chickens at your home, until recently. But then again, why would I?

Apparently, some people on Grand Street in Albany want to raise chickens in their backyard. Michael Guidice and Jen Pursley have a coop set up, because they were doing just that. Six months ago, the city came in and closed up the coops and told them that they had to move their chickens and hens elsewhere. All that may soon change.

On Monday night, lawmakers voted to legalize backyard bird-keeping in Albany, which would include the couple’s hens. In a story from the Times Union, The measure passed 8-7, with the deciding vote cast by 15th Ward Councilman Frank Commisso, Jr. Just like dog licenses, this new ordinance will allow the city clerk to issue 50 permits. Residents will be allowed to keep up to five hens each in their backyard. This would be under the strict supervision of the Department of Building and Codes , and only if the neighbors give permission. The law also still needs the signature of Mayor Jerry Jennings. If this does get full approval, this would mean more income for the city, partially because of the permits.

If you live in an urban or suburban area, where there usually aren’t farm animals allowed, would you mind having chickens living in the yard next door to you?