Our good friends the Nelsons and us had an awesome time just  a-sippin', chewin' and  hangin' at the Albany Hilton for the Albany Food and Wine Fest. I snapped a few shots in between swigs to give you an idea of the event.

There were dozens and dozens of wine and liquor vendors at the Albany Hilton showing their wares, and the place was packed to the rafters. (Yes, they also served water to keep things in check!)

photo by Richie

They had a cooking competition which was fascinating.  They were each given a set amount of ingredients and had to prepare a dish within 45 minutes.  I'm still not sure who won - they didn't tell us!!!

photo by Richie Phillips

They had classes as well. This one was on how to prepare cocktails correctly at home. They had an expert mixologist on hand.There really is an art to it. Once again, I walked out of an event feeling like a total luddite, but I enjoyed it anyway.

photo by Richie

The entire event is a fundraiser for the arts, and it was well worth the admission. And of course, it was always great to see my former employers back in my piano bar days... Donna and Yono Purnomo. I even got to meet Mayor Sheehan. She seemed to really enjoy it as well. (Would love to have her on the show!)