What kind of tux do you buy?  How much to spend on a wedding dress? What should you serve?  These are all questions rolling around in the minds of the prospective bride and groom these days as they start planning that all important wedding day.  So we thought we'd do an unofficial poll to  give you a "little food for thought", if you will.  What is the favorite dinner entree to serve at a wedding?

I'm sure that food choices are different in all parts of the country, especially when it comes to weddings.  But I was wondering what the Albany area taste buds were like when it comes to attending a wedding?  Maybe this will give you folks who are planning such an event an idea of what to serve.  So here is the question. Would love to know your thoughts!

Looking forward to seeing the results!

And now that we're talking weddings-how about your musical choice for first dance? Our very own  Kevin Richards-wedding host extraordinare-has put together a time tested list of "aces"  that always work.

If you haven't made your choice yet in that department,  we're confident that either Kevin, Lou Roberts, or yours trulycan cover any and all of your musical needs. (sorry, we don't cook though).

If one of us can't do your event, the other one probably can, and we all have many years of experience in hosting weddings large and small, playing all types of music by the way!

Richie Phillips richie1077@gmail.com

Lou Roberts lovin@wgna.com

Kevin Richards kevin@kevinrichards.com

Good luck with your plans, and as Zac Brown would say--"Keep us in mind!"