Albany Area native Dani Moz has landed a spot on NBC's The Voice!

Country Idol Judge and Lead Vocalist of Cryin' Out Loud- WGNA's winner of The Battle Of The Bands- Gregg Simmons shares the story of how he discovered this great talent and her connection to the Albany, New York area.

"In late 2009 I was in dire need of a full time Female Lead Vocalist for my Country Band Loose Cannon and Cryin' Out Loud. With our beautifully sweet and talented Kimberly still in her band Wilder, and others doing their best to get us through, I searched the internet and came across a competition in Albany called Capital Region's Got Talent.

Looking at the site, there were videos of the contestants in the first round. as I scanned through the videos, it wasn't looking good, until I saw a video from a beautiful young lady named Danielle Mozeleski from Delmar.  What first jumped out at me was the fact that her smile was just gorgeous, and she had a shyness and politeness about her that was pleasant to the eyes where you just said to yourself, "I like this girl and I don't even know her." Before she even started singing, I said please have a The Voice this band needs to get us to where we need to be. Then Boom, Round 1 - Open Arms by Journey.  I think she just started teaching herself piano.  Anyway, when she sang, I instantly said to myself, "We got our girl." I happened to tell a friend about her from Delmar and if she knew of her, low and behold her son dated her !! Small World!  "Yee haw, get me her number!" I said.

I followed her through the competition and she made the finals. On a cold rainy  Fall night in 2009 at a McDonald's in Cape Cod, the night before the Finals, I called her. She answered, I introduced myself and I said "You already won the competition." Danielle asked "Why?" I said jokingly, "Because you're going to sing in my band!" Dani said "Ok! Thank You!" with that pleasantness I spoke of earlier. We had her over to rehearsal and she sang Walking On Sunshine, Crazy In Love and a couple others. We hired her and her first gig in her first band was just a couple weeks away. Danielle learned 30 tunes in two weeks and knocked it out of the park. We had a Great time with Danielle at the lead vocal spot. We knew it was short lived. She knew what she wanted and we appreciated her 8 months with us.

Dani moved to Boston, then to LA and drum roll please..... is now going to be a contestant on NBC's The Voice!!!. We are all proud of Danielle and wish her the best. But to Blake, Shakira, Usher and Adam? I found her first!!! God Bless you Dani Moz as you embark on your Journey of a lifetime.

Pretty cool huh?  She sang Journey and we were looking for The Voice, now Dani Moz is on a Journey musicians like us can really appreciate ... The Voice!  Here is the video I saw that introduced me to a Star. Thank You Dani for what you did for Loose Cannon and Cryin' Out Loud! PS - Go Country Pleeease!  Oh yeah, Danielle came in Second in the Finals in Albany. Silly judges. You blew it.  But then again, you motivated her. I hope you watch what we knew all along.  WINNER!!!"

Check out Dani's page on The Voice's official website.

Courtesy of Gregg Simmons