If you’re driving around the Albany area, especially in Cohoes, you may want to be a little more cautious.

A man from Cohoes was trying to fuel his heroin addiction by stealing sewer grates. He would take the grates and try to get money for them. The man did get arrested on September 14. He’s 33-year-old Thomas D. Lagace and he was charged with a couple of counts of petit larceny.

From a story in the Times Union, the first grate he stole was from the Valley View Apartments. That was worth $120 dollars. The other grate was taken from Third Street Extension, in Cohoes. That one was worth $75 dollars. The second was worth $75 and was taken from Third Street Extension.

I guess that when someone is so addicted to drugs they don’t realize that some of their actions could seriously hurt someone else.