A 41 year-old man got himself into trouble when he allegedly broke into his former girlfriend's apartment.

East Greenbush Police Department

In a press release from the East Greenbush Police Department, on Tuesday, February 19, 2013, Ernest P. Daoust was charged with several countgs including breaking into the woman’s apartment, burglary and unlawful imprisonment.

After the police did some investigating, it was determined that Daoust allegedly took the woman’s apartment door lock apart and went inside while she was asleep. She awoke and found him in her bedroom. This allegedly happened a few hours after the two had an argument, which he was accused of pushing her around and restrained her.

Also according to the press release, this isn’t the first time the police were involved. The couple have had argued before which resulted in some arrests. Daoust was issued a stay away order of protection, and will have to go to court later this month.