Major road re-opened, Fundraising continues, FEMA is here.  WGNA has more updated Flood Recovery Information to help you through this difficult time.

YNN is reporting that the New York State Thruway is now back open to traffic. Flooding caused a closure from Syracuse to Albany for more than 24 hours. Traffic is still restricted to one lane in the area of the Schoharie Creek. 

According to WRGB, access to the Village of Schoharie remains limited. Residents are asked for proof of address before being allowed to enter the village. Basements remain filled with water, and residents say they've been told not  to pump because of fuel oil in the flood the water. 

An 80 person FEMA team from Ohio spent Tuesday checking on individual homes to determine whether anyone was trapped inside. Crews are also checking to see which structures may no longer be safe to enter. 

WGNA continues it's Flood Relief Fundraiser at the Standard at Crossgates Mall

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