Hoffman's Car Wash at 55 Delaware Avenue, near the DelmarAlbany border, has been shut down temporarily, because of concerns about how safe the land is near the car wash. In a story for Fox 23 News, on Friday, the steep cliff that’s behind the car wash has become a problem. There have been some professional engineers called in to take core samples from the hill and evaluate what the soil is composed of. This will help them determine if the property is safe for customers and employees. If it is safe, the car wash may re-open by Wednesday.

This is the same area that had part of the hill break off, and a fruit and vegetable stand was lost on the same location of the car wash, back in 2000. Customers who drive in to the car wash will be given “convenience coupons” until they reopen. I remember when the land gave way before and the damage and losses it created.