Every artist will get to the point in their career when the relationship with their major record label comes to an end.  For some artists, it happens after a few singles, for others it may come after a few albums, and for the very lucky, like Alan Jackson, the end of the line comes after 22 years of hit albums and 34 Number One hits.

SONY Music Nashville has announced that they have ended their association with Arista artist Alan Jackson.  All Access reports:

“In an amicable parting, SONY confirms that ALAN has delivered his final recordings to the company and wishes him well."

Alan Jackson now takes his place as a legend in the Country Music business.  Much like the other legends before him, Alan's gotten to the point in his career where the hits have slowed down and the record sales have dropped.

Alan is a young legend at 52, and we know that he's still got many more songs to write and sing.  I'm sure it won't be long til he finds his way up the charts again.  It's not over for Alan, it's just a little harder to compete for airplay and record sales.

Alan now joins the ranks of these great veterans.  Johnny Cash was 53 when he was dropped by Columbia Records,  Merle Haggard was 52 when he was let go from Epic, George Jones was 58 when he parted ways with Epic Records, Willie Nelson was also 58 when he parted ways with Columbia, and Kenny Rogers was 50 when he left RCA records.  Even after parting ways with the labels that produced their biggest string of hit records, all of them have gone on to land other record deals, record songs on their own labels, win major awards, return to the charts, and tour.  Another reminder that this is not the end for Alan Jackson.