On Monday, Alan Jackson packed New York's prestigious Carnegie Hall. The celebration was focused on his new project titled The Bluegrass Album.

While Alan Jackson hit the famous stage with some of the best Bluegrass pickers in the nation, a lucky WGNA winner was in the audience. Sunday Morning Classic Country Hall of Fame listener Naomi Kruger was our special guest for this historic night at Carnegie Hall.

Q: What was the highlight of the Alan Jackson Carnegie Hall Concert?

A: I believe him asking his nephew to join them and sing the song he composed.

Q: Since you have seen Alan Jackson before, do you feel his energy or performance was different for this show?

He was more excited. His sisters' family was there, and he acknowledged them.

Q: Why is Alan Jackson your favorite country singer?

A: A lot of his songs I can relate to, from the heart, very touching, and I can dance too.


Courtesy of Naomi Kruger