This is when I miss her the most.  I loved the late, great Julia Child.  How many times did we consult her for great holiday recipes!  Yea, we have the cooking channels on cable now, but they all pale in comparison.  And apparently, PBS seems to agree.  They even created a remix

These remixes amaze me.  I don't now how they do these things, and I am doggedly determined to find out.  But that's besides the point.  That's a different recipe altogether.

Let's remember the late great Julia through a fantastic remix, courtesy of PBS.


If you REALLY miss her, you should see the movie Julie and Julia with the great Meryl Streep.  That will really let you get to know this recipe maven very well


Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and if you have any good recipes, send them along.  (I won't make them on my own, but I'll be happy to eat them!)