Weather patterns that are shifting right now could set us up for a colder than normal winter in Upstate New York!

According to the Weather Channel, the current 'El Nino' weather pattern is weakening in the Pacific. This is what weather folks say caused our unuaully warm winter. The government outlook is saying this could shift to 'La Nina,' leading to a colder winter in 2016-2017.

All this El Nino and La Nina stuff confuses me, so what is it? According to the article, 'El Nino' is basically 3 month a warming trend on the surface of the water in the Pacific. Temperatures of late have been above normal. But now the trend is cooling, with colder than average water coming into the picture, which in the past has coincided with colder winters in the Northeast United States..

So basically, El Nino is warmer surface temps, which leads to a mild winter. La Nina is the opposite. Got it?

So its great news if you love winter and hitting the slopes: La Nina is here and a cold winter is on the way! If you hate winter, click here.