This is why toys with small parts have warning labels on them. I have to admit I don't really think about the possible dangers past the obvious "choking hazard".  I most definitely would not have seen something like this story happening.

Isaak Lasson, a six year old from Salt Lake City has had breathing problems for three years. His parents have has been to see the doctor numerous times over the years and were told to put their son on antibiotics. Finally in July a doctor said he noticed a "foreign object" up there. Isaak told him he remembered putting some spaghetti in there a few days back but other than that, nothing.

What the doctor wound up removing was what seemed to be a small fungus covered, flexible wheel that may have come from Isaak's Lego set. It would seem that three years ago he bent the wheel, put it in his nose and once inside it re-opened and lodged itself in his sinuses. Gross.

It is so very hard for me to understand how it took three years for anyone to discover a foreign object in this poor kid's nose but I guess there must not have been that much discomfort to him when it happened or maybe he was too scared to tell anyone.

The other thing I found surprising was how many times this has happened to kids over the years, I don't know for sure how many but I did search "lego up boys nose" on YouTube and got more than one result. Yuck.  I even found this video of  a different kid's trip to the E.R. and the "Lego" removing surgery.

I have nothing against "Legos" or any other children's toys with small parts but I will say, after hearing that story and watching this video,  I will be a little more cognoscente of what my kid is putting in his nose! I hope you will be too.