The other day I was at a restaurant. I got my cup of coffee. I ordered decaf, but it was regular. (I know this because I watched my server pour it) I politely told him, “decaf, and not regular.”  He said no problem. Then this cup was barely warm. I take it back, and tell him. He graciously corrected it, complete with an apology. After my thank you to him, it made me think of how great of a server he was. He was very nice and didn’t get an attitude. I may send an email to his employer.

This lead me to think about if you’re driving and doing the speed limit, how cool it would be to be pulled over by the police? Obviously not for speeding but to be acknowledged for doing the speed limit. Kind of a thank you for being a safe driver. I know the police have much more important things to do. Imagine being pulled over for doing what you’re supposed to. It’s just a thought.