It looks like the warm, dry weather trend we have been seeing this summer will continue into the fall.

In their 2016 US Fall Forecast, Accuweather is predicting warm weather across the Eastern US. They say warm, dry weather will dominate across the Northeast, including Upstate New York.

Credit: Accuweather

Accuweather says this could be good news for fall festival goers and for the fall harvest, but bad for leaf peepers: the conditions could lead to less vibrant colors and leaves falling early.

I will tell what the warm fall will be perfect for: drinking some great fall beers outdoors while enjoying the glorious weather. Bring it on! And enjoy it while it lasts. YOU know we are going to pay the price this coming winter. You can count it. So, maybe spend a little time tuning up the snowblower too during that warm autumn weather.