Here's a tear jerker for you.  This proves once again the immense generosity of some people, and the equally immense power of the internet.  Grab the tissues for this one.


If you want the whole story, you can get it here from, but to sum up, a man his late 20's from Kentucky named Aaron Collins had a will made up that contained 3 wishes.  One of them was to leave a huge tip for somebody, like $500.00 for bringing a pizza to his table.

There's a question of how he died, but Aaron passed away recently, and in his memory, the family went to a pizzeria and carried out his wish.  They videoed it and put it on good old YouTube.  It's become a huge viral hit already and has caused almost $30,000 in donations to allow the family to keep up the "random acts of kindness".    Here's the video causing the stir

I just thought I'd leave you with a "feel good" story this weekend, and a reminder to please tip your waitresses (maybe not $500, but at least 15%)