I met quite a bunch of characters lately.  Well, let me rephrase that.  I took the Reading Writing and Rhyming program to the  A.W. Becker School in Selkirk with the express purpose of writing a fun song a bunch of awesome second graders.  However, they wanted to show everyone what great character traits they possess.  You've gotta hear this!Before you do, however, let me say that I particularly love coming to this school, because I get to actually do the program in a music room  with a fantastic music teacher, Mr. Rau. It's especially neat to be in a room surrounded by instruments and a piano mural on the wall.  Really puts you in the musical mood.

I could blab on here, but the proof is in the recording.  Ladies and Gentlemen-without further adieu, singing their "Good Character Trait" song, the A.W. Becker Kids featuring Mr. Rau on guitar!

What a blast!  And special thanks for Marcy Micelli and everyone at the school for their help arranging this.  Also, as usual, thanks to Hannaford Supermarkets for their continued support of the program.