They say a picture paints a thousand words, if that is true this video paints a million. Emotions can be so hard to express but even more so the concepts of the emotions and the attachments that stem from them can sometimes seem impossible to express. I think the true connection between a Mother and Child may be one of the hardest to convey, but I think in a matter of seconds this video does just that.

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In the video it is just after the Mom had had a C-section they placed the crying baby near her face. When the baby feels her warmth and places his hand around her face he stops crying. Every time the nurse tries to pull the baby away it begins to cry, until he is laid back down with his Mother. Sure, you could say its just the warmth of her skin could be anyone, or maybe that the baby does not like to be lifted, any number of things to discount the connection but I would have to say you'd be wrong.

I know because I have felt this connection, and have witnessed it over and over in my life. My three year old still finds a peace and comfort in his Mother's arms that he can find no where else in the world. To see it so young however, so complete I for one think it is amazing.

I hope you like it too.