Many years ago on the "Sean and Richie Show", we had a very special local band on the air. The band is "Flame" and it is made up entirely of incredibly talented people who also happen to be physically and or developmentally challenged, including autism, down syndrome, mental retardation and blindness.  Make no mistake though my friends, they are good, real good. The fact that they have these disabilities only makes them that much more inspirational. Here is a quick introduction to the band.

Yes that is them in the video doing their song, "All for a reason". Today is a special day for them as tonight will be a fund raising and c.d. release party. It is from 5:50 - 8:00 at The Lexington Center, 127 E. State St. in Gloversville. For more information check out their party invitation on the link for the Lexington center.

Here is another look at the band. In a world where inspiration is hard to come by, I don't know how you can watch these talented people perform and not feel good about us all, as humans. Enjoy.

God Bless.