So as you probably know by now, I'm walking the Catwalk for Kidneys this Sunday and I'm super excited/nervous to get up there and strut my stuff on the runway!

This is of course to benefit an amazing cause, the Northeast Kidney Foundation!

Each "model" was matched up with an local 518 boutique to chose an outfit for the show.

I was matched with 22 Shades of Gray in Buskirk.

Peggy, the owner and designer told me that the drive out to Buskirk was really lovely, but little did I know how beautiful it really is out there!  I love to find new and exciting placing in our listening area!  And I feel like you guys out there have a real gem!  Gorgeous!

Photo: Madelyn

Anyway... I took the kids, packed them in the car and drove to Peggy's studio.  I had the babies take a couple of pics while we were there!  They are budding photographers!

Photo: Turner
Photo: Turner
Photo: Turner
Photo: Turner
Photo: Turner

I tried on a whole bunch of really cute pieces all designed and made by Peggy and chose the one I felt suited me the best!

Now I'm all set to own the runway on Sunday!

Of course I won't show you what my outfit looks like just yet!  It's a surprise! Stay tuned!

But.... here's a sneak peek of the fabric!

Photo: Bethany

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To find out more about 22 Shades of Gray, CLICK HERE.

Wish me luck!