We lost a legend.  Yankee fans will be mourning tonite.  Yogi Berra passed away today at 90 years old. He's remembered for many things, but to me he will be immortalized for his funny quotations.  I attempted to put them to song ( big surprise, I know) 

Direct link to my song that rhymes up his funny sayings.




I really can't rattle on here about Yogi Berra's entire biography.  You should probably tune into our sister station, The 104.5 TEAM for all that. They are the experts. But I did find some interesting trivia about the late, great Yogi.

For one, his son was a pro player, which I never realized.

Secondly, he tried to sue Hanna Barbera (the cartoon producers) for defaming his character by creating Yogi Berra.  The company denied the connection between the two, but -come on…!  Yogi Bear? Yogi Berra? DUH!!!

And finally, he was actually fired once by George Steinbrenner but still continued to coach on the side, just to give back.  Amazing guy.

Source- CBS.com

R.I.P., Yogi….