If you were at the Jennifer Nettles show at the end of April, then you got to witness an amazing show! Not only that though 107-7 GNA was also at the Palace Theatre and we gave you the chance to score yourself a signed Jennifer Nettles electric guitar!

I happened to be hanging out today, okay, I was working. Running my mouth in the studio when our Promotions Director popped his head in and said, "Hey, come up front for a sec." Because I do as I'm told I had the opportunity to meet one of the sweetest people ever.

Lori was coming to pick up her awesome signed guitar that she won with us! I always love getting the chance to meet everyone that shares their days with me, but it was also a special experience to know she had followed me at my last station here locally. "I was so bummed when I had heard the news" she said, referring to the budget cuts from February, "but then when I saw you at the [Jennifer Nettles] show I was like yay!"

Marissa with Lori our Jennifer Nettles Guitar Winner, WGNA

Comments like this have been coming from every direction since I was picked up here at 107-7 GNA and you'd think I'd be growing some huge ego, but I'm shocked every single time. It's an amazing feeling to be learning the impact I've had here within the Capital Region with local radio. So, while Lori was thanking us for her new signed piece of music history, I have to say "Thank you, Lori!" It's people like you that make this crazy career of mine so worth it, day in and day out.