It was fun because we took my father-in-law, Warren.  It was short because it was probably the hottest day of the year.  But none of us regretted it, because it's an annual tradition to go to the Saratoga Race track.  Here are a few shots from Saturday, August 4th:

Gee -which way should we go? I say let's hit the Clubhouse Restaurant first! But on the way, we have to stop and listen to a song from the ever popular Reggie's Red Hot Feet Warmers.  And their feet were VERY warm today, let me tell ya.

Reggie's Red Hot Feet Warmers

Ok, here  they go-  Dorrie and Dad cutting ahead of me to get started on the buffet line.  Sure- cut the photographer out of the action.

Great food.  Thanks to Dan and Doug Bauer at AllSquare for inviting us to lunch, by the way.

After lunch, down to the rail to watch the exciting race.   Hey! There's our horse warming up.   He looks healthy, but it's 100 degrees out here.  I'm nervous putting down our hard-earned $2.00 on a "newcomer".

And they're off!  Now where is she?    No win, place or show going on here.  I just hope she shows UP


Ok, we lost that one, but we came back strong in the next race.  We won the $2 back, so we can honestly tell you all that we broke "about even".  (Well, Dorrie's happy - but Warren didn't win anything.  He's forcing a smile in this shot because I told him that he would be part of this 'GNA article, so give him a break here!