Recently I did a blog telling you about a recent poll conducted in England asking the important question "what's the worst smell you've ever experienced?"  (One person answered "Tony Blair"!)  As a person who never trusts polls, I decided to check on it's validity by asking my own British focus group!

We have great friends in England, coincidentally- the Hearsey's.  KellyGlenn and their very astute children Millie and Jay live in the southeastern county of Buckinghamshire.  We had an amazing opportunity to stay with them a couple of years back, and let me tell you, their town was FAR from smelly!  It's everything you would picture in a little hamlet nestled in the English countryside.  But I thought it would be interesting to conduct my own poll to see if the kids would agree with the results of the study above.     You've gotta hear this!


So much for established surveys, huh?  If you want the truth, just ask kids.!   Thanks to my instant focus group for their responses.