I'm drooling once again.  The new iPhone 4s  has been released.  It looks exactly the same as the old iPhone.  But I don't care.  I'm addicted.  It has a new feature that will eventually change the way we interact with handheld devices , and I'm fascinated by it, but some aren't so thrilled.  Take this dog for example!

YouTube strikes again, ladies and gentlemen.  Somehow, somewhere I stumbled upon this and it cracked me up.  It's a dog who seems to be OK with everything else he sees on television, but can't stand the sight of this beautiful device.  Maybe he knows something we don't!  Check this out!

Pretty astute animal.  He's picking up on something.! Guess his antenna is better than the iPhone's! Way to stop annoying dog from barking at a beautiful piece of technology? Wish their was an app for that!

So there's your laff for today!  Hope you enjoyed the article.

What thing around the house does YOUR pet hate (besides the mailman, joggers, and bicyclists?)    Would love to know!