That's a decent estimate of when this was taken.  It was 30 years and 5,000,000 hair follicles ago.  Seems like only yesterday! 

I'll make this short and sweet, as you'll probably be staring at the photo and saying (NO-it can't be!).  But yes, folks, I was young once.

This shot was taken at a pretty well known piano bar back in the day - the 21 Club on Elk Street in downtown Albany.   It was owned back then by the Purnomos.  (Name ring a bell?  They are Yono and Donna Purnomo, current owners of Yono's in downtown Albany.

I'm on the left. The person to the right is a good friend of my brother Bill's, Eric Brettshneideer who is now a professor at NYU!

He was sitting next to me on the piano bench, but I can't recall what song we were singing.  In fact, I can barely recall this event, which is another problem altogether!

I thought I would include this in a blog to show you that I was young once, and I did have hair.  Where is it now?  Only the bottom of my shower drain would know!

If you'd like to share any of your then and now pictures, be my guest.  Then I can laugh at YOU so we can be even!  (just kidding)  (not)