Valentine's Day is stressful for me.  I can barely remember it's Valentine's day, let alone get that perfect present.

But last night, I learned that Valentine's Day is not just about telling that special someone you love them.  It's also about creating the perfect Valentine for your 3 year old to take to school. Yes, your 3 year old!

Now, I love my wife, but she tends to get a little crazy with things.  Here's the background on Valentines Day.  Last year, she came home from picking up Caden and said "Sean, I just sent Caden to school with these store bought Valentines and signed his name.  He got little candy bags and cookies and little heart tattoos from all the other kids.  I feel HORRIBLE!"  I said to her "Andrea, he is 2, he has no idea what Valentines Day is, he will never remember this, you need to let this go."  As any sane woman would say, she said "well, next year I will be creative!"

Fast Forward one year!  I walked up to the kitchen last night around 8 pm, to see that my wife had gone to store, bought cookies and cookie Icing.  I thought, awesome, a snack!  No, she was making homemade Valentines.  "Sean, I saw these on line and HAD to make them, they are MINION Valentine's for Caden to take to school."

Sean McMaster

Now, she tries, but even Andrea will tell you there is not an artistic bone in her body.  So, listening to her tell me what she was doing, I secretly, figured I would have to finish these for her, but I saw how excited she was to do this so I smiled, wished her luck and left the room!  When I came back 6 cookies later, she was frustrated and didn't like her Minions!  I tried to make one...this is what happened..... so I left:.

Sean McMaster

When, I came back she had actually got the hang of it, and the Minions looked great! I am so proud of her.

Sean McMaster

I think Caden will be the star of his class...I don't think he will remember these Valentine's Day Minions at all, but hey it was a nice family project!

Here is Andrea's side of the story, I mean here are all the details on how to make Minion Valentines.  They really came out great and if Andrea can make them....go for it!

Now, I just hope I can remember Valentine's day and remember to buy my wife a gift! Eh, there's always next year...