As someone who is accident prone and has the worst immune system possible, this sounds like a splendid idea for those in the Mechanicville area who are just like me!

Before the Ellis Medical Walk-in was built in Clifton Park, my asthma and injuries usually ended up taking me to an emergency room near me. So, I know the importance of having something like this in just about every nook and cranny.

Albany Med is the latest to announce that it will be building an Urgent Care Center within Mechanicville. The EmUrgentCare facility will replace Everything Pets and Suppllies in the Price Chopper Plaza and will be the first of its kind for Albany Med in Saratoga County.

The construction will begin soon with the doors opening officially in November. It will be open daily, 9am-9pm, including holidays. Which is great for the flu bugs that sneak up or when dad decides to get a little extreme with the turkey at Thanksgiving.