I don't mind Matthew Perry. Decent actor.  Very funny in "Friends".  But Matt, let's leave well enough alone, shall we?  You're remaking the ODD COUPLE?  Blasphemy! 

I had to refresh my memory to get it totally right, so I consulted wikipedia. Let's see. It started as a play in1965 on Broadway.  It then became a TV series in 1970 and ran 5 successful years with the very sloppy Jack Klugman and the extremely anal Tony Randall.   Leave it to YouTube to have whole episodes on there if you'd like to see them.  Here's one called "The Insomniacs".  Hysterical!

How can you improve on that?  According to The Wrap.com, Matthew Perry is writing and co-executive producing a pilot.  I guess he's playing sloppy Oscar.  They haven't said who Felix will be.

That's not the point.  I don't wish the guy any bad luck or anything.  I just wish that Hollywood ,with all their creative geniuses floating around town, could just possibly  COME UP WITH THEIR OWN STUFF!  (I was about to say something else there!)

I guess if you are a purist you could say that even the original Odd Couple TV show was a remake, and that's true, but I can only take on one issue at a time here.

I'm sorry, but my life is complete without seeing a rehashing of this classic show.  What's next?  Reworkings of One Day At A Time, Mash, Leave It To Beaver,  The Adams Family, The Munsters, F Troop, or The Beverly Hillbillies? 

Now Gilligan's Island I would allow.  I would cast all of the Kardashians, send them there, and make SURE that the boat sank.

EOR  (end of rant)

Do you agree? (I mean about the Odd Couple, not about Gilligan)  Would love to know.