This little 6 year old's name is Tiana. I am not so sure she is really 6 years old though, from the way she speaks and her message , I think she may be 96. I have to tell you I have always found that children have the most to teach us, and she proves it. All you have to do is look past the simplicity of the language and into the incredible depths of the message.

When the video was made she was telling her Mother what she wanted from her parents as they were going through divorce. She says, " I think you can settle your mean heights down to short heights." and "I just want everything to be as good as POSSIBLE, nothing else." That message in itself is beautiful and all divorced parents could benefit from hearing it. The message is also for everyone a lesson in the simplicity of truth and humanity, be nice.

In the video she says some things that I think we could all live by like, "I am trying to be steady, ... on straight, on the middle where my heart is." and "My heart is something, everyone else s heart is something too." I think that may be my favorite.

" I am being nice, I think all of us can be nice too." So simple yet.... so hard to do for some.